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If you’ve made a decision about becoming an organ and tissue donor it’s important to discuss it with your family. That’s because in Australia the family of every organ and tissue donor will be asked to confirm their donation decision. Families who know each other’s donation decisions are more likely to uphold those decisions. DonateLife has this great pamphlet about exactly how to “have the chat”, and it’s available in various languages.


If we want to talk about organ donation, we also need be able to talk about death and dying. If Australians can develop a healthier relationship with our own mortality, we’ll be happier and more resilient people, who are better prepared to address challenges... like our lagging organ donor registration rate! Our friends at The GroundSwell Project have lots of great resources to help you beat the fears and taboos associated with talking about death and dying, as well as useful information about what to do if someone is dying or grieving.

For excellent resources and statistics about organ transplantation, please visit:

Donate Life (Check out “For the Community”)

Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation exists to inspire discussion about organ and tissue donation and help increase the donation rate in Australia and around the world. The foundation is run by Al and Kim Turner, and was founded in 2005 following their daughter Zaidee's death.


Transplant Australia is a national charity representing transplant recipients, donor families, living donors and all those touched by organ and tissue donation and transplantation.


The Australia and New Zealand Organ Donor Registry hosts statistical data about organ donation / transplant outcomes


The Australian and World Transplant Games


The GroundSwell Project

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement


Did you know that almost every religion supports organ and tissue donation? Faith leaders in Australia have made position statements explaining where their religion stands on this subject. You can check what your faith leaders say here.


Sydney's Great Synagogue. Did you know that all four branches of Judaism support and encourage donation?

Camerawoman, Cameraman, sound recordist, aeroplane, light aircraft, filmmakers, documentary, propeller

Director Richard Todd and Sound Recordist Bella Kensworthy in Australia's remote Kimberley region, to film a scene about Henry Archoo.