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Only 8% of those aged 18-24 registered

A donor can transform the lives of many people

About 15% of those on the list will die waiting


There are over 1,300 Aussies awaiting an organ

The touching new documentary film DYING TO LIVE reveals that more can be done in Australia to improve organ and tissue donor registration numbers, to prevent immense suffering for those awaiting organs, while other Australians inspire us with their compassionate, life-saving gift.

Deep beneath the complex world of organ and tissue transplantation are the heart-wrenching stories of real people awaiting life-saving organs in Australia. Why must they wait for so long? Are changes in policy required – or shifts in perception? Or is it as simple as signing up and having the conversation with loved ones? Why do we avoid the topic of death? What does it take to support a desperate family member running out of time as they hope for a stranger’s generosity? How difficult is it to consider the death of a loved one as a chance at life for someone else? And how much love and understanding does it take to make the compassionate decision to register as a physical philanthropist?

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